Hey, I'm Aseem!

💻 I'm a software developer building indie projects🚀

Welcome to my digital home where I write about my journey to build a SaaS to ramen profitability and share notes & ramblings on life. 🏡

    Aseem Thakar

    Progress towards my goals

    Ramen profitability ($2K MRR)
    $10K MRR 1.5%

    A SaaS to build websites with Obsidian and share your Markdown notes online in a few clicks. Currently earning $0 MRR

    A microSaaS to save tweets, threads & conversations from Twitter into Notion, Evernote & Obsidian. Currently earning $30 MRR

    ...More Coming Soon

    This year, my strategy is to plant a ton of seeds (projects) online until one sprouts and hits $2K MRR.