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Book Notes

By Ash Ali & Hasan Kubba

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As someone prone to burnout and anxiety over my lack of achievements, this book opened my eyes in many ways. It taught me that I shouldn’t resist myself but rather lean into the things that make me who I am – the path of least resistance. A pretty radical idea…

By Arvid Kahl

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This book is such a banger. If I had to recommend one book on how to find ideas to start a business and build an audience, it’d be this one. There’s lots of $1000 business courses and typical Gumroad “How to Grow Your Twitter Audience” eBooks that are all encapsulated in this book for like $20…

By Dane Maxwell

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A great high-level overview on how to get started as an entrepreneur from scratch. This book assumes very little and takes you through the entire transition from employee to entrepreneur from changing your thoughts to finding business ideas and building a business with no money, time or expertise.

By Tim Ferriss

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This book is life. It makes me feel alive and in charge of my life. If you feel stuck, trapped or experience existential crises on the reg, The 4-Hour Work Week is your medicine.

By Eric Jorgenson

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A high-level overview on how best to live your life in the modern age. Learn how to get rich first through judgement, specific knowledge, leverage and accountability and (then) how to be happy through meditation, freeing yourself and building the right habits.

By Sahil Lavingia

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This book is bad for venture capitalists and great for small founders. It teaches you how to build a profitable business step-by-step without venture capital by just being yourself and doing what you love with people you enjoy being with.

By Steph Smith

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A book that could pass as a textbook/encyclopedia on creating content in 2021. A ridiculous amount of info packed into a single book – highly recommend!