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  1. Build a successful internet project (while traveling the world) to get time freedom and money (Current)
  2. Use newfound time and money to maximize impact/serve others (likely by building a company in India)

Why not just skip to step 2?

Before I can meaningfully help others, I need to help myself.

Step 1 ensures I build (business) skills and gain the time, money, and energy to focus on helping others and scaling impact. It also minimizes the risk of this whole thing; if I fail at a particular venture, I can just try again.

Of course, I can still help people/make an impact without being financially free. But I’ll either have to do it part-time or full-time at great financial risk (or reduced impact). If I don’t achieve step 1, those may be options I decide to take.

Why India?

Why a company?

Yeah, honestly it doesn’t have to be. It’s just the vehicle I decided would have the greatest potential to help others. Investing in others seems like a better, more sustainable way to help them socio-economically as opposed to donating (or being unprofitable).

I may change my mind at some point; other possible options could be a non-profit or even working for an organization where I’d have a larger impact than starting my own company.

Why do this at all?

I’ve lived in developed countries (like Australia and New Zealand) for 20 years. While life’s great here, hundreds of millions in my own home country (and many billions around the world) live in poverty with limited prospects.

I believe India has an unbelievably rich history with many gifts to share with the world (cultural, religious, economic, diplomatic, and many others). The past 500-1000 years (or 10-20% of India’s history) have been low. But the 21st Century presents a unique opportunity for India to prosper again. I was born at just the right time to contribute.

Noone assigns a meaning to your life. We choose our own. So I chose this.

But who knows? I’m still young and naive so this could just be a phase. I’m hoping it isn’t though.

What if you fail at step 1?

Then I’m screwed. Hahaha nah it’s actually quite likely (>50%) that I’ll fail; achieving financial freedom is difficult and I know I’m a bit naive/dreamy with my thinking. But I want to at least try. If I fail at step 1, I’ll probably try joining another organization where I can have a meaningful impact.