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Here’s what I’m working on and have worked on in the past (as an indie maker). I’m still figuring out this whole entrepreneurship thing so my strategy is to plant a ton of seeds (projects) online until one hits ramen profitability (or I discover what I really want to work on).

NameTypeDescriptionStart DateStatus
ScreenlaceBlogJourneys of successful YouTube channels (with lessons you can apply)07-2022✅ Active
MarkbaseSaaSBuild a website with Obsidian05-2022✅ Active
Underscore DigitalService (Agency)SEO/content marketing agency for SaaS’02-2022Cancelled
TresselSaaSSend content/highlights to your second brain (notes app)12-2021✅ Active
MailsyncSaaSSync Revue subscribers to ConvertKit & Mailchimp12-2021Cancelled
PaperStack CreativeService (Agency)Writing technical articles for software businesses09-2020Cancelled