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In 2022, my strategy is to plant a ton of seeds (projects) online until one sprouts and hits $2K MRR (ramen profitability). Check out how I’m doing below (projects before 2022 also included)

NameTypeDescriptionRelease DateStatusMRR
MarkbaseSaaSBuild a website with Obsidian05-2022✅ Active$25
Underscore DigitalService (Agency)SEO/content marketing agency for SaaS’02-2022CancelledN/A
TresselSaaSSend content/highlights to your second brain (notes app)12-2021✅ Active$40
MailsyncSaaSSync Revue subscribers to ConvertKit & Mailchimp12-2021🔥 Backburner$0
PaperStack CreativeService (Agency)Writing technical articles for software businesses09-2020CancelledN/A