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Hey, I’m Aseem!

Me in 3 bullet points

  • I’m a software developer/indie maker trying to reach ramen profitability with my projects
  • I have degrees in Finance and Software Engineering from Monash University
  • I’m currently working on building Tressel, Markbase & Screenlace

Fact about me – Aseem (pronounced uh-seem) is a Hindu name meaning limitless (works pretty well as a personal brand too)

What this website’s about

What you’ll see on this website is the digital home of my thoughts and journey towards reaching ramen profitability ūüŹ°

It allows you to get to know me without me actually being there – what I like to call scalable socializing.

Check out my current and past business exploits and failures in the Projects section.

Find in-depth notes on books I’ve read in the¬†Book Notes¬†section

If you want updates on what I’ve been up to – follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my newsletter

And of course, read my articles – here are a few of my favourites to start with:

How to build a second brain as a software developer – Aseem Thakar
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How to copy successful business ideas and still be original – Aseem Thakar
Ideas are only the third most important reason for business success. Instead, we can copy common business ideas and innovate with execution.
How to reverse engineer your dream life (using backcasting) – Aseem Thakar
Learn what backcasting is with definitions & practical examples of how you can use it in business and life to reverse-engineer your dream life
What an SN Goenka silent vipassana meditation retreat is like – Aseem Thakar
My experiences attending a 10-day Dhamma.org silent Vipassana meditation retreat as taught by SN Goenka in Melbourne, Australia